"I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo 


"I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo 

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yrblackcat said: Yr so pretty

Do you start all your sentences with yr

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“You’re not hopeless”
Lost in Translation (2003)Sofia Coppola


You’re not hopeless”

Lost in Translation (2003)
Sofia Coppola

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Anonymous said: No what I'm saying is your body is supposed to be at its best and most ideal when you're nineteen.

Did you know they took Lost in Translation off Netflix? I’ve watched it before on Netflix, I know I’m not crazy.Like I went to watch it tonight, and it wasn’t there. I wonder why. Like how does Netflix actually work? Do they have contracts with these movie companies and then if their contract runs out, they just take all these movies off Netflix? I did a case study on Netflix once for my management information systems class, but I half assed it because I knew that professor didn’t give Cs, so I didn’t see the point in trying. I guess if I would have paid attention to it, I might know why Lost in Translation isn’t on Netflix anymore. Actually, I think the case was more about the tail graph I forget the name of. Like they earn more money off of you watching some obscure Swedish horror movie released in 1973 than if you watched, say, Frozen on Netflix. I really wish I could remember the name of that graph. I wonder where Lost in Translation ranked on that graph. It doesn’t really matter because Netflix has like a 75% profit margin. Anyway, I watched it on putlocker.

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Anonymous said: You're supposed to be at the peak of your sexuality at 19.

That’s cool, but I’m waiting until marriage. Thanks for the fun fact though.

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Honestly my favorite song

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i just ate the biggest fuji apple and im like not even hungry now and im gonna eat dinner soon

it was fucking huge dude!!!

fuji and gala are the only apples worth existing imo the rest should be fed to human garbage

no pink lady is the best apple

i like a lot of apples but pink lady is the best by far


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Honestly so glad I’m back in Austin #1 because I have strong enough wifi to watch music videos in 1080HD again

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Morgane Tschiember


Morgane Tschiember

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Sucré | No Return

Just bought tickets to see Stacy next Friday at Stubb’s Jr. Hopefully she plays this.

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Jk just miss ur money

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I’m not coming over
Bc idk where u live
And idc

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Hours pass, and she still counts the minutes
That I am not there, I swear I didn’t mean
For it to feel like this
Like every inch of me is bruised

So read your books, but stay out late
Some nights, some nights, and don’t think
That you can’t stop by the bar
You haven’t shown your face here since the bad news
Well I’m here till close, with fingers crossed
Each night cause your place isn’t far

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